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Out of the Ordinary :
On Poetry and the World

A Carbon Neutral
in Canberra December 5-7

_ Robert_Delaunay_-_Jean_Metzinger_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

Robert Delaunay, Jean Metzinger, 1906, 54.9 x 43.2. cms, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Public Domain 

Conference Email:

A. How do I access the programme?

Click "Programme" in the menu above, or head to

Specially commissioned to support the carbon-neutral agenda of this conference, and designed by UC student Claire Butler, "The Paperless Conferencing App" makes printed conference materials unnecessary. It features day-by-day listings of the full programme of titles, abstract and bios in hand-held digital form.

B. Do I have to download anything to use the app?

The app is web-based and this means you do not have to download anything. It will work whenever you are connected to the internet and have the browser open to (same as link in menu above).

C. Why does the app need me to sign up?


You will need to sign up to use the app by providing an email address as user-name and an 8 character password. This is for the sake of an impending update that will allow you to generate (and update)  a personalised timetable based on the sessions and/or individual papers you would  like to attend.

D. Why won't the app let me sign up?

The most common reason will be that you are trying to "sign up" on the "sign in" field. After you press "sign in" on the first page you see in the app, a box will open up requesting that you sign in with username and password. But you won't be able to do that till you first "sign up." To do that, look for a small link at the bottom of the box asking you to press that link if you have not yet signed up. Once you've "signed up," you will then be able to sign in in the previous box. 

E. Do I have to sign in every time?

No, your device will remember your sign in details once you have successfully signed in once. But you will need to sign in again for each new device you use.

F. Is the app better on my mobile, or on my desktop?

The app will work fine on your desktop, but it is mobile-optimised: the column widths, fonts and so forth make it ideal for a mobile​ and you will find the experience more aesthetically pleasing that way.

G. Can I use the app for my own conference?

Sure. The app will be available as a free ware item for future conference organisers who wish to dispense with printed conference materials. You'll need to employ a programmer to do a few hours work to adapt it to your specific event and from then it's free. Funding permitting, we will attempt next year to create a conference organiser interface that will render this step unnecessary. To discuss further, please get in touch. 

H. What if I still can't work it out?

You will see a version of the schedule naming all speakers and presentation times at the Online page of this website. You can also access that information in the following spreadsheet, which includes all bios and abstracts as well:


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