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Out of the Ordinary :
On Poetry and the World

A Carbon Neutral
in Canberra December 5-7

Getting There


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Der Rote Turm in Halle / The Red Tower in Halle, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 91 cm. Public Domain


You are aiming for Building 25 (AKA the Inspire Centre) on the University of Canberra (UC) campus, and it looks like this:


Getting there from Belconnen

We are assuming that if you are staying in Belconnen (the other main place to stay, 1-2 kms from the UC campus), you won’t need too much guidance on getting to the campus. Your Guide to Walking and Cycling in Belconnen lays out the walking and cycling paths and Google maps will show you the rest. NB the area is serviced by both Neuron and Beam electric scooters, and they are plentiful.

Getting there from Civic 


If you are staying in Civic, (or looking to get there from the UC Campus), you have the following options


1) Walk it in approx. 90 mins.


From Civic, this will take you along the Turner canal, through O’Connor and across the pleasant Bruce Ridge. Take route C3a on the Canberra Walking and Cycling Map. It’s a shared pedestrian/bike track.


2) Bike it in approx. 30 mins.


There’s a bit of a hill on the way to UC, and a lovely glide down it on the way back. Use the same route as the walkers: C3a on the Canberra Walking and Cycling Map.


For a list of bike hire options, see here:


3) Scooter it in approx. 25 mins.

There are ample Neuron and Beam electric scooters, in Civic and on campus. Again, you’ll ne following the same route as the walkers and the cyclists, Route C3a on the Canberra Walking and Cycling Map. Do be warned that the scooters have no real suspension, and most people will feel the impact of a ride of this length on their legs. Providing your own suspension by bending the knees helps.


4) Bus it in approx. 15 mins.


Busses leave for the university from Platform 1 on Alinga st, in Civic. The platform is opposite the Canberra GPO (anyone will be able to direct you to that). Routes 2, 3 and 4 all go past the university. Please see Google Maps for further details as to routes and times.




The best way to go is to purchase a “My Way” pass, which is available for $2.50 from selected outlets. You put money on it at the time of purchase. For prices and the like, please see here.


The two outlets in Civic where you can obtain a “My Way” pass are:

  • EzyMart at 65 Northbourne Ave, Civic
    (open 6 or 7am-11pm, 7 days)

  • Supa24 Convenience Store, at 2 Mort st, Civic
    (open 6 or 7am-11pm or later, 7 days)


You’ll see them indicated on Mud Map 2, below. Both are within a 3 minute walk from Platform 1.


You can also purchase more expensive, 1 day tickets, from the vending machines at the tram stops on Northbourne Ave. You’ll see some of these stops on Mud Map 2 below as well.


5) Drive it, in approx. 10 mins.


The car parks you’ll want at UC are P9B, P9C and P9D. These are just to the left of the bus stops marked on Mud Maps 3 and 4, below. For other parking options at UC, see the campus parking maps and head to the “parking” tab. For parking prices, see here.


Mud Maps

The four “Mud Maps” below will show, successively,

Mud Map 1: the relation between UC, in Bruce, and Civic, 7.8 kms away. Civic is the venue for our Tuesday and Wednesday night events and the place where many of you will be staying,


Mud Map 2: where in Civic to find Bus platform 1 and where to purchase “My Way” travel cards.


Mud Map 3: an overview of the campus,


Mud Map 4: an closer map of the part of the campus that concerns us: buildings 25, 5 & 2.

Mud Map

Mud Map 1

Suburb of Braddon


Lots of good restaurants and bars, rainbow intersection, good coffee, 5 mins walk from Civic. 


Most of the reasonable price Civic hotels are just to the West of Braddon, in a line up Northbourne avenue towards Sydney. The higher the number of Northbourne the further from Civic. So 210 is for instance a 15 minute walk into Civic, whereas 84 is just round the corner. NB Northbourne has a tram.

University of Canberra

(Suburb of Bruce)

Belconnen is to the immediate west & is in walking distance

mud map.jpg

Civic (City)

Interstate bus terminal

Local bus exchange

King O"Malley's Hotel (Wed. night venue)

The Unconformity

Capital Hill, Intended by Walter and Marion Burley-Griffin to be the site of the Place of the People, with Parliament House and the artificial lake down below. Here one would gather for poetry recitals and other entertainments. The opera house was to be on the immediately facing shore. Capital Hill is also site of a major geological feature, The Unconformity

Interstate Train Terminal

(Just off the map, in the suburb of Kingston)

Monster Kitchen Bar and Restaurant

 (Conference Dinner Venue)

Monster is located in the Ovolo Nishi hotel, on the Acton Peninsual, about 10 minutes walk from Civic

Mud Map 2

EzyMart, Jolimont Centre, 65 Norhtbourne Ave


civic bus stops.png

Supa24 Convenience, 2 Mort st, Civic



Tram Stops 


Platform 1

Buses 2, 3 and 4 (but check Google maps)


NB You cannot buy a ticket on the bus


You must purchae a "MY WAY" CARD for $2.50 from EZYMART or SUPA24; or a DAY TICKET (more expensive) from a tram stop vending machine.

King O'Malley's Irish Bar

(Wed night venue)

Chief Conference venue: The Inspire Centre / Building 25

Mud Map 3


Bus Stops

On campus map.png

Conference venue: The Inspire Centre / Building 25

Building 2

(Poetry Reading Mon 5th)

Bus Stop to Civic

Mud Map 4

UFO Courtyard (AKA 5b80),   Level B, Building 5

(Poetry Reading Tuesday 6th)

Bus Stop from Civic

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